Murali Mohan’s dress code controversy!

Actor turned politician, Murali Mohan, who is known for small screen audience as MAA senior member, has now struck in dress code controversy. It is known that the entire nation is now trying to find out the ways to reduce rape cases. Debate on dress code is on progress all over the nation.


Majority of the ladies stated that it is the thinking of men that is the reason for rape but not the dress code of the girls. Few men came up with the concept like, women should maintain dress code which will not trigger men to commit rape. This topic came into live in Parliament and Murali Mohan stated that women should follow dress code.

This turned out to be a controversy and entire nation is now discussing this topic. Even though Murali Mohan gave his clarification to the media after his speech in the parliament, the discussion and the controversy are still on progress. Looks like, Murali Mohan triggered this discussion at wrong time.

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