Munnariyippu release postponed?

Mammootty starrer Munnariyippu was supposed to be released this June 12, but now there are reports which indicate the big day might have been postponed to June 19, for reasons unknown.


It looks like it s a season of postponements in Mollywood now, with pretty much every major movie in the past few months (and a few smaller ones) getting delayed in the productions stages, post production stages and then finally with the releasing days!

So it looks like Munnariyippu too is joining the club – for better or for worse.

The movie stars the megastar and younthful and bold starlet Aparna Gopinath in the lead roles with a huge supporting cast of veterans, including four directors who appear onscreen!

The plot revolves around one man – a simple man actually – who also just happens to be an ex convict, who has served his time for a double homicide. Something he claims he was and is innocent of; but that’s not all about the man, Raghavan (Mammootty), that captures the attention of journalist Anjali Arackal (Aparna). It’s also his elegant albeit simplistically philosophical views on life and his solitary lifestyle that draws in the young woman who decides to write about him in her publication.

The trailer leaves us here but with a twist – what appears to be a drama on the surface seems to have shades of an investigative thriller which focuses on the murders Raghavan was convicted of and who the real culprit is.

Intriguing? Well now we have to wait to find out…

The movie has been directed by Venu who also wielded the camera for this one. Bijipal composed the tunes for the film which has been produced by director Ranjith under the banner of Gold Coin Motion Pictures.

Watch the trailer below:

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