Multiplexes Opposing Sardaar Arrival?

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is the latest film which is grabbing the attention of everyone. The film is releasing in Telugu and Hindi on a simultaneous note is raising the expectations on the film. Recently, the makers successfully overcame the disputes regarding the release of Hindi version. In the mean time, unexpectedly they are now encountering a local dispute with the multiplexes owners. The owners of multiplexes are opposing and uninterested in screening the film. They have their own reasons and the difference of opinion with the distributors of Nizam is the reason behind it.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh vs Multiplexes
Sardaar Gabbar Singh vs Multiplexes

The Nizam theatrical rights of the film are with Indra films. The distributors, unlike the other film releases, laid a condition for multiplexes that they have to pay the advances for the film release. This actually happens with the single screen theatres and coming to multiplexes, the profits will equally be shared with the distributors and owners. As a result, the multiplexes management in Nizam area is showing their displeasure with the distributors. The confusion about the film release is still in a dilemma.

On the other side, the makers of Sardaar Gabbar Singh have increased the promotion campaigns. Many interesting promos of the film are being aired on Television.

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