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Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Mukunda Review:Mega hero Varun Tej came on to the screens with the flick “Mukunda”. This venture came up with huge hype as Varun Teja is stated to be the most handsome and the hunk style hero from Mega Family. Megastar Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and several other Mega actors promoted Varun Teja to maximum extent. Read on to know whether Varun rocked the screens today or disappointed audience.


Varun Tej (Mukunda) gets a clash with Rao Ramesh (Municipal Chairman) on an issue. While Rao Ramesh tries to harm Varun Teja’s friend Arjun, the hero will try to save his friend. Few instances takes place and Varun Tej will become a target to Rao Ramesh. Pooja Hedge on the other hand is the daughter of Rao Ramesh. A challenge arises between Varun Teja and Rao Ramesh and how Varun Teja moves ahead in the challenge forms the other part of the story.


Varun Tej looked good on screen and he is one of the most handsome Mega Family heroes. One has to accept this fact. His height too is an adding factor. But, he missed few factors a Mega Family hero generally ought to have. Mega Family heroes generally attract audience with good dance moves. Varun Tej disappointed audience in this aspect. Expression too were not well delivered and he needs to work immensely on this factor.

Pooja Hedge looked glamorous and her role was well framed. Srikanth gave good scope to her role and she performed well in both Traditional and modern outfits. Another character which is worth mentioning is Rao Ramesh. This actor too was in his best and supported well to the lead pair.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, “Mukunda” looked good as per the frames but the story was not well framed. Srikanth Addala, who is a specialist in doing family oriented flicks too an action episode. It looked like, he got confused to some extent to do justice to the action venture.

Mickey J Meyer’s songs got great talk in the audience but their placement made huge change. It destroyed the opinion of audience to some extent. Story too can be framed in a different way but on an average, the output is on the average line. Choreography department too could have done much better. With a hunk and handsome tags, if Varun Tej performed well in dance, he would have got great response from the audience.

On an average:

Finally, this flick has got good action sequences and few family related scenes. Hence, Varun Teja played safe in his debut flick. The budget which was allocated to this flick too was high and hence it may become a bit tough for this venture to get into the profits zone. As per the trade report, around 22 Crores were spent on this flick. Considering Christmas and New Year, we can expect that this flick may touch that mark at the box office. Finally, this venture is an average debut to Varun Tej!

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