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Mukhbiir is the story of those people who work as honest and dedicated informers for the intelligence department but their story always remain behind the curtain.


Om Puri arrests Kailash (Sameer Duttani), a nineteen year old antisocial but looking at his innocent face Om Puri advices him to become an informer for them so that his offences can be forgiven. Kailash accepts the approach in order to save his life. Om Puri slowly becomes a father figure for Kailash and he starts calling him Babuji and wife as Maaji.


On the other hand Kailash continues with his job of informer so that he can earn twelve lakhs rupees to wave adieu to the world of crime forever. Due to an operation in Hyderabad, Kailash has to get into the character called Vinayak Marathe to enter the gang of Mamu Don (Alok Nath). But Mamu proves to be the don just for the namesake and in reality it’s his widow daughter and sharp shooter Pasha Bhai (Sushant Singh) who run the gang. Kailash’s mission in Hyderabad is to finish the notorious gangster Mustafa. He accomplishes his job but the situation forces him to kill Om Puri and thus, in the police force, Om Puri’s friend Rahaman (Suneil Shetty) comes into the position of Om Puri.


The story forwards and the next step in the mission comes where they have to reach Saaya (Rahul Dev), the boss of Mustafa. To complete this part of the mission, Kailash now has to get into the skin of Shahzad Khan. In this way Kailash enters the gang of Saaya and comes to know that Saaya is going to blast more than twenty bombs in several places of Mumbai in the duration of less than seven minutes. The whole terrorist operation is supported by some foreign power. Kailash informs that to his Maaji and through her the news reaches the Chief Minister (Jackie Sroff) and somehow the blasts cannot take place.


From writing the film to the direction of the wonderful scenes, Mani Shankar has taken care of both the things very well but why did he take Raima in this film is still beyond our comprehension. Not only that. The song canned on Raima is also the wastage of time. As far as acting is concerned, all the actors are just to the level which is not acceptable from such great actors. It specially can be told in case with Om Puri. Sameer has tried well getting into the skin of the informer. Music of the film is not up to the mark though lines by Samir depicting the life of the informer etch well with the film. Albeit the film is still under the scanner of doubt about how it will attract the audience, people should try it once to know secrets about the lives of informers. Sameer Duttani’s dialogue ‘dedh saal mein jaan par khel kar sirf saade char lakh rupay kamae’ (Putting my life in danger I have earned a mere amount of four and half a lakh in the span of one and half a year), depicts the pain of a Mukhbiir (informer).


Keeping all in mind the film is worth watching for at least once, if not for a second time.

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