Mukesh Rishi caught by Noida Police

DELHI, MAY 20 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Remember Mukesh Rishi? Yep the same popular villain. Over the weekend he was in Delhi to take part in the show ‘War Heroes’ which is being aired by a TV channel. Rishi was on his way to Noida during the wee hours. He had just crossed the DND Noida Toll Bridge around 1:30 a.m. when he heard some unknown voice screaming Stop….Stop.

As it was in the early morning hours Mukesh Rishi’s driver was driving in high speed and stopped the vehicle some distance later. The shouts were from some traffic policemen. 4-5 policemen rushed to the vehicle to see who was in it. They were surprised to find Mukesh Rishi. "And instead of scolding us, they clicked photographs with me, shook hands then they gave us a warm send off," laughs Mukesh. Talk of drama in real life!

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