Mugguru Review

Rating: 1.75/5

Critic Rating: (1.75/5)

It is
A comic entertainer that shows that the meaning of fun has changed over years.

Navdeep (Pavan), Rahul (Maruthi) and Srinivas Avasarala (Anji) are three youngsters who are in search of various methods to make some quick cash. In similar terms, they once try to kidnap a rich man, JP (Ahuthi Prasad) to extract huge ransom from his family.

Before this plan could succeed, JP gets heart attack who will be rescued on time by Pavan, impressed with their kind nature JP assures to give him and his friends jobs in his firm that is based in Malaysia.

JP has three daughters Shraddha Das, Sanjana and Soumya therefore he further plans to get these three guys married to his daughters and make them his son-in-laws.

Rest of the story is all about how these guys will woo his three daughters?

Navdeep, Rahul and Srinivas have given their best in performing as their role demands. Shraddha, Sanjana and Soumya seem to have been roped in only to do some dance now and then apart from which their characterization has nothing much to do.

It is quite a disappointing comeback by Reema Sen where there have been rumors that this film was supposed to have a surprise package.
Ali and Thagubothu Ramesh characters have been made such that they depict lack of normal intelligence.

There have been movies of this kind in previous era, this movie is nothing like the ones which have to be come in this present generation. This movie is quite similar to movies like Sandade Sandadi which have similar concept earlier.

The movie can be a symbol to say that there can be a movie made out of nothing apart from some meager star cast and a huge banner under which it has been produced.

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