Mugdha Godse sizzles in a white bikini

As she has been a part of the modelling and ramp show world, getting into a two-piece for Help was no big deal for Mugdha Godse. The actress has done some bare-dare scenes for the horror thriller that has Bobby Deol as her co-star.

Incidentally, in her debut film Fashion, she featured in one scene walking the ramp in a two-piece, but there, her lower half was covered in a wrap-around.

"I wasn’t conscious about wearing a bikini as it was a script requirement. But I had to work really hard to keep my body in shape."

Ashley Rebello has done the styling for the film. She settled for a plain white bikini instead of the fluorescent, colourful ones."

She adds: "What was tough for me to portray the two looks I have in the film — at certain times it was glamorous while other times it had to be ghastly."

Directed by Rajeev Virani, Help is slated for an August 13 release. "It’s a Friday the 13th and considering its subject the makers wanted it to be out on that day," points out Mugdha who was earlier seen in Jail and All The Best.


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