Mubarakan Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Mubarakan
Movie Cast Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Ileana, Athiya Shetty
Director Anees Bazmee
Music Director Amaal Mallik, Rishi Rich, Amar Mohile
Production Company Sony Pictures
Release Date July 28, 2017

Good or bad, Anees Bazmee definitely falls in the list of popular comedy directors in the last decade and half. Unlike David Dhawan in 90s, there has been no one really emerged with that much success rate in out and out comedy entertainers. Priyadarshan and Anees Bazmee tried their bit. Among them Anees Bazmee dealt with bigger budgets and costly sets. He continues his template in Mubarakaan with the 2nd Kapoors family of Bollywood .

Arjun Kapoor in Mubarakan
Arjun Kapoor in Mubarakan

Mubarakaan is a confusion comedy set in Punjab and London. Karan and Charan are twins played by Arjun Kapoor. They are orphans and raised in Punjab and London respectively by their uncle ( Pavan Malhotra) and aunt (Ratna Pathak). Karan and Charan have their respective love of their lives, but the guardians have some other plans. Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) tries to come to their rescue , but instead creates more chaos unkowngly. In due course how the marriage problem becomes more complex and how its resolved forms the rest of the film.

The movies basis is age old. Confusion due to twins has been beaten to death after its usage for decades together. So, there is lot of predictablity in the film and unoriginal at many levels. Also, the dialogues overtly rely on Sardar jokes which gets on to the nerves. The movie also has too many songs for its genre and they aren’t great either, making the film unnecessarily a long film longer.
Overall, some scenes pack their punch, and some fail in an attempt to do so. Some slapstick comedy is good in parts, but the one liners were awful. The second half sometimes has a snail’s pace.

The movie has been shot with rich visuals and high production values, making it appealing for the eyes.

This is the first comedy film for Arjun Kapoor and he carries it off well, in dual role. However its his uncle Anil Kapoor as Kartar Singh who steals the show. His energy transforms well into comedy. He takes the limelight from his real life nephew. Pavan Malhotra and Ratna being stalwarts essayed their roles well. Athiya Shetty has a long way to go and Illleana and Neha Sharma were usual. The purposr of having them on board is glamour and needs no explanation. Otherwise, Illeana has been supporting well in comedy genres so far like Main Tera Hero, Happy Ending and now Mubarakaan.

Overall, the no-brainer does succeed in evoking some laughter but not sufficient enough. High time Anees Bazmee disassociates himself with the Sikh protagonist/ marriage / family setting obsession and comes up with something new.

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