Mr Rascal Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

It is
Mr.Rascal fits perfectly in the present senior of social life and its evil deeds. It portrays the bitter truths of how a child can get affected if his very parents are corrupted and how youth gets mislead by the evils to make an easy buck. It’s an underlined message oriented movie.

Suri Babu (Ravindranath) belongs to a lower middle class family. He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle (Prakash Raj) an encounter specialist. The story gets rolling once he decides to come and stay with his uncle in Vizag. During his stay, he watchs Madhumati (Nadeesha Hemamalini) and Madhan (sijju) playing golf, he notices them having an illegal relationship. He manages to capture the same in his video camera. Madhumati is the wife of a rich businessman Diwakar (suresh). Suri babu blackmails Madhumati and extracts money from her whenever he needs and gets his ticket for a lavish life to fulfill his desires. During his Bangkok trip he happens to meet Saundarya (Payal Ghosh, PRAYANAM fame). He falls in love with her and by the time he proposes she leaves the city. Further more in what way Madhumati tricks to get her cassette back. Will Suri babu Gets his love back is rest of the story.

The scenes between Ravindranath and Payal ghosh are heart touching. Ravindranath blended nicely with the character; change over in the acting from a mean guy to a good guy is to be noted, over all good performance. Payal Ghosh acted very well, especially in the flash back and the climax scenes. Scenes between Ravi and Nadisha are gripping. Nadisha is there to make a mark in the industry. Comedy by Bramanandam and Ali are well crafted. As usual Prakash Raj maintained his mark. Cinematography by Ram Gunasekhar is good. Music by John Peter is noteworthy. Director R V Uday kumar did well, bit more efforts would have made this a better flick.

If you have free time just go and Watch it!!!

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