Mr Pellikoduku Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

The audience of Telugu cinema have long given up the idea of having a human experience with cinema. All the formula writing and the uninspiring standards of filming them had, have and will continue to disguise their inabilities with the one word – ‘entertainment’.

What is entertainment? Here, it’s the inabilities of the past films recycled for today with larger budgets catering to the gigantic market (Andhra Pradesh with close to 2800 screens is the most in the country and Telugu people are everywhere in the world, and almost everyone is movie crazy). Even with such a large market Telugu films have hardly produced an inspired independent film or anything that can use our unlimited funds for technical grandeur that looks
moderately appealing, just for the eyes at least.

Often thought that talking about this kind of angst that is built over the years in a film review is unfair to the film being reviewed. But, this is a film that epitomises the recycling exercise, so, not so unfair.


Buchi Babu, a boutique owner in the US had come home after 6 years to attend the many marriage proposals his mother had lined up for him all over the state. Buchi falls head over heels for the first girl on the list (Anjali) and fantasises about him and her dancing in the exotics before Anjali breaks it to him that she is not interested and asks him to break the engagement. The heartbroken Buchi obliges and moves on. However, with her in mind he cannot seem to
commit to any of the other proposals.

Attending a friend’s marriage in Kerala Buchi gets a second chance with Anjali, who happens to be a friend of the bride. Anjali starts spending time with him, but, just when things seem to go Buchi’s way she makes another expectedly startling revelation about her secret wedding to her boyfriend. The rest is how Buchi beats the odds with his geniality and wins her from her angry boyfriend.


Our industry with its hypocritical inaesthetic double standards had done it again, it has taken an actor who could have grown into something special after turning into a lead and ruined him with its ugly sense of ‘what is popular’.


The film is absolutely humour dry and to further bore us it hangs to the idea of what the pure hearted commercial hero had done over the years. They must have found it novel to see Sunil play the pacifying personality solving issues and brightening the mood of wherever he is. Sadly, it’s hard for the audience to find any of this novel, even if so, it’s hard to sit through it.

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