Mr.Nookayya Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is

Our brand of rookie experimental.


Manoj (playing Manoj called Mr.Nokia in this one) is stuck at some place. Some place no one knows yet we all know because it’s that boring warehouse with no proper address. He’s stuck, bleeding and surrounded by all these goons and his face revealed in slow motion when they splash water on his face, a flare of the dramatic.

That was the first of many such ‘entrance shots’ (as we fondly call them). It’s like he had all these entrance shots whenever they lost track of what next.

Mr.Nokia is a thief and paying homage to his name, he usually goes for the cell phones. And then there’s this couple of Kiran and Anu (played by Raja and Kirti Kharbanda) who go through the ‘happy life’ montage with a lot of hard to bear romance. At the end of the montage Kiran has to leave for Bangalore for a kind of job offer even though it’s the first day of their married life.

And like all people who leave on auspicious days he ends up in the hands of these kidnappers, these kidnappers who demand 2 crores for the husband’s life. And Anu ends up with the money stolen from the bank she works in (I don’t remember the bank robbery scene though, so boring) and out on the road to pay the ransom.

Mr. Nokia on the other hand is out looking for a big steal so that he can marry his girl friend and settle down in life. He hates the orphan tag, he hates it. So the path of the one with the money and the one in need cross and on goes the bore.

Coffee shop specs

This is from the house of filmmakers who usually turn to sleek action movies of the west (Guy Ritchie’s films usually) for inspiration (aka cheap steals). But, what they usually absorb is not beautiful narratives, but, the individual moments or sequences without really bothering about the (written) build up that actually matters. Hence, we have sequences that don’t look half as good as the original and pop out in the middle of a lot of otherwise random happenings.

Other similar cases include Nenu Meeku Telusa and Dhada.


Manoj tries to really entertain and give in his full in every single scene. But, all the effort is just purposeless physical strain and it’s hard to sit and watch someone suffer like that on screen.

I don’t remember which one is which, but, one girl played the faithful lover and other is the hot chick/unfaithful.


It’s a wreck. Enter at your own risk, seriously.

Reviewed by Rohit
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