Mr.Nookayya Reloaded version coming soon!

Manchu Manoj’s Mr.Nokia turned Mr.Nookayya was released recently.Now the film is all set to be relaunched again with some changes in the film and this film has been titled as "Mr. Nookayya Reloaded", which is a a faster and sleeker version of the Mr.Nookayya.

“Mr Nookayya ‘ReLoADeD’ version is rocking :) u guys will see a faster sleek version:) I’m super excited :) . I request all the websites and newspapers to review Mr Nookayya ‘ReLoAdED’ version:) . It shud be out mostly by 16th or 17th :) work going at rocket speed :) ) ” , tweeted Manoj.

Kriti Kharbandha and Sana Khan are the heroines in the film.Ani is the director.Mr. Nookayya Reloaded will be released on 16th or 17 th of March.

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