Mr. KK Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)
Movie Name Mr.KK
Cast Vikram, Akshara Hassan, Lena, Abi Hassan
Director Rajesh M Selva
Music Director Ghibran
Cinematogarphy Srinivas R. Gutha
Editor Praveen K L
Producer Kamal Hassan

There are some actors who always choose innovative roles and scripts even when they are going through a series of flops. They know what they are doing and still choose to do the roles which challenge them physically and mentally. Chiyaan Vikram is one such an actor who always surprises the audience with his makeovers and innovative scripts and roles he chooses. He is always ready to give his best for the role he is playing. The previous movies he acted has not been successful and he is in his bad phase. He is now coming with “Mr.KK” which is touted to be an adrenaline thriller being produced by legendary Kamal Hassan in his banner Raj Kamal Films International. This film co-stars Akshara Hassan and Abi Hassan. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres.


In Kuala Lumpur, KK (Vikram) escapes from the Twin towers from two bad guys who are trying to kill him, wounded and ends up in hospital being saved by a trainee doctor named Vasu (Abi Hassan). He treats him and calls police about the case. He leaves for his home and he lives with his pregnant wife (Akshara Hassan). They are attacked by a person and they kidnap his pregnant wife and asks him to get KK in exchange of his wife. Meanwhile, Police and some other groups starts searching for KK. How Vasu saved his wife? Who kidnapped his wife? Who is KK and why is he being chased? Who are the people chasing KK?

Cast and Performance

Vikram is fantastic in the role of KK and he gave his best as always to make the role memorable. Although he gets a limited screen presence, he completely steals the show with his performance. His stylish body language and his looks are additional layers to the character. Akshara Hassan is good in her role. Abi Hassan who more screen presence has used it fully to showcase his acting abilities and succeeded well in that aspect. Lena as a cop is nice. All other actors have done a good job in their roles.

Writing Performance

The story of Mr. KK is exciting and the screenplay is written well but the slow pace kills the mood. The dialogues are okay.

Technical Performance

This film has one song and it is composed well by Ghibran. He did his best in scoring the background score and elevated the action sequences to another level with his thrilling music. The cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha is superb. His work is an added advantage to the movie. The editing by Praveen KL is fine. The stunts and action sequences are very well composed and they worked out very well. The production values of RKFI is grand.


  • Vikram as KK
  • Background score by Ghibran
  • Cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha
  • Action Sequences


The slow pace of the movie.


Mr. KK is a story of a guy who is being chased by every other gang and how he escapes from them and put an end to his problems. This film is a remake of a French film and director Rajesh Selva who earlier directed Cheekati Rajyan has done good work. The entire first half only ends up in setting up the characters and not even one percent of the story is revealed here. The second half is where the real action starts and is let down by the slow pace. Interestingly, Chiyaan Vikram gets lesser screen presence than Abi Hassan and Vikram makes it up with his performance. The stylish action sequences and thrilling moments worked out well. To sum up, Mr. KK is a one-time watchable stylish action thriller from Vikram.

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