Mr. Fraud to Release on May 17 – Confirmed!

Finally there is confirmation! Mohanlal starrer Mr Fraud will be released on May 17 in theatres across the state as all the fighting concludes after holding the entire industry hostage for days.


It was the producer of the film, A V Anoop who made this statement after clarifying that the movie will not come out on the 8th, as he had not yet received the final cut from the director, B Unnikrishnan. Unnikrishnan too had already told the press that post production work on the movie was not complete and would require an additional week.

Interestingly though, it was the very same Unnikrishnan who campaigned for the move to be released on the 8th and if not, promised a ban on all new releases with the authorization of his organization, FEFKA. Now, it seems he has changed tunes.

Whatever the impetus be, the grudge match between FEFKA, the producers and FEF is done with. In fact, it was the producers association that met yesterday with the distributors and hurried the deal along.

The movie which has a tagline of ‘one man, many faces’ is about Mohanlal’s character who is a fraudster who gets his way through cunning means and a mysterious ‘mission’ he has to complete. Rumors suggest it could be a heist.

Mia George and Pallavi Chandran play the female leads while Siddique, Dev Gill and others form the rest of the cast.

The photo cards that have been released show Lal in at least five different looks including a rather dashing salt n pepper look which the leading lady Pallavi herself referred to as ‘hot and sensational’.

So after all the bru ha ha, the big day is soon approaching for this highly anticipated movie.

Watch the official trailer :

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