Mr Fraud is not a failure – B Unnikrishnan

Director B Unnikrishnan has come out with vehement responses today in his official Facebook page against those that have been criticizing and outright slandering him and his movie Mr Fraud through the social media and other online platforms. He announced that not only will he be making his next movie with Mohanlal but that Mr Fraud itself will be remade in Tamil and Hindi too!


For several days now, B Unnikrishnan has been at the receiving end of the wrath of certain motivated parties influencing the general opinion regarding the movie and its popularity. Obviously, Unnikrishnan seems a bit indignant about the harsh criticism Mr Fraud has received at the hands of certain critics and says that he had promised the movie would be an out and out masala entertainer and he kept his word.

The initial collection of the flick at the box office alone indicates sufficient profits for the producers and the remake rights contracts to be signed soon only shows the movie’s fiscal worth, according to the director who mockingly referred to the critics (especially the online ones) as ‘philosophers and deep thinkers the likes who would have put Jiddu Krishnamurthy to shame’!

Evidently, Mr Unnikrishnan wears his rather bruised heart on his sleeve, though he says he has no qualms about being criticized.

However, he has taken a rather different stance against the slanderers who plagued him online using fake ids and fake profiles on the social media pages. He has filed an official complaint with the legal system to see that the people responsible, who he calls cyber terrorists, are found and punished for their actions.

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