Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

This movie marks the debut of The Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu. This social media sensation, became a star, even before the release of this début film Hrudaya Kaaleyam. Directed by Stephen Shankar, this film has released amidst huge craze and public frenzy.

Sampoornesh Babu,undoubtedly, is the biggest and the only asset of this film. Sampoo does not disappoint the viewers. He dances, fights and even invents a computer by his name- ‘Samputer’. Such hilarious incidents with punch dialogues build up the excitement in the audience.The crowds go crazy the very moment Sampoo lands on screen. His dialogues and expressions are hilarious.

The way certain satirical sequences have been shot look good on screen. First half of the film is high on comedy-quotient and so is the climax. Lead Actresses of the film, Kavya Kumar and Ishika Singh, up the glamour quotient of the film and slip into their roles with ease.

Having entertained the audiences to a large extent, this movie certainly scores low on the Logic-Meter. There is no reasoning whatsoever in most of the scenes. Sampoornesh Babu is therefore the only ‘holding’ force of the film which goes on to become drab once he’s off-screen.

The curse of Second half strikes this movie too,with a good 15-20 minutes wasted there.

Songs are about average and do not hamper the flow of the film. Dialogues need a special mention here. The one liners written for Sampoo are hilarious and will be remembered for a long time. The credit of which goes to the Director.

Director Stephen Shankar has done a good job with a decent execution of this flick. His amalgamation of stories from blockbuster films moulded into a satire is cleverly done. The director is also the man behind the story and screenplay of the movie.

The movie is effctively laden on Sampoornesh Babu’s shoulders. However,it fails to answer some very basic questions such as – “Why is Sampoo’s character the way he is?” “What drives him to do what he does?”

All in all, People who are not in awe of Sampoornesh Babu and cannot handle typical over the top comedies, are advised to be at distance from this one!

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