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I Movie Review (Manoharudu Review): After huge expectations, Vikram, Amy Jackson starrer “I” came on to the screens today. This flick has been made for around 2 -3 years and Vikram was seen in different shades in this flick. These highlights are driving audience towards the theatres of “I”. With “Gopala Gopala” on board, “Can I move ahead to the top position in the Pongal race?” Read the below review to come to some conclusion on this topic.


Lingesh (Vikram) practices body building in his village. Diya (Amy Jackson) is a model who comes to her home town after several years. She meets Lingesh and after seeing Diya as a super model, Lingesh too will get interest in modelling. He takes the help of Diya and few of her friends to turn into a model. In this scenario, villain enters the scene and will use chemicals to destroy the charm of Lingesh. Villain too practices modeling and he does it to destroy the fame of the models and to get an edge in the market. Lingesh gets transformed into several avatars due to the chemical reactions and in the mean time villain tries to destroy the fame of Diya. How Lingesh saves Diya and how Lingesh changes his avatars should be seen on the big screens.


Vikram was at his best in this venture. With several avatars on hand, Vikram looked the best on the silver screen. He showed variations in different avatars and one can’t come out of the theatre without praising Vikram for his effort and the screen presence.

Amy Jackson was cute and hot in this venture. As the story revolves round her role, she was given scope to show acting ability apart from glamour show. Other characters in this flick too were fine. Santhanam and Vikram worked well on comedy.

Technical Aspects:

Having the brand name of Shankar itself reveals that the flick will have high technical standards. It is a fact that Shankar will have a special element in his flicks. This time, he came up with series of Ads in a song and it will be a highlight in the flick. Fights too were perfect and the background score from AR Rehman too was up to the mark.

Visuals will be a treat to the eyes and the art work in this venture was done perfectly. Graphics part too was well maintained and the locations were exotic.

On an average:

On an average, this flick turned out to be a tough competition to the Telugu films for this Pongal season. With Vikram’s avatars, Amy Jackson’s beauty and Shankar’s marvelous directional skills, “I” is racing ahead with good visuals. This venture can be considered as an above average one and we have to wait for the box office reports to know whether this flick is a high level blockbuster or not.

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