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Mosagallaku Mosagadu Movie Poster

The trailer of Mosagalluku Mosagadu created a lot of hype for the movie and today it has been released with actors Sudheer Babu and Nandini Rai in the lead roles. The movie has done a good job overall and here are a few things that we did and did not like about the movie.

With the film industry facing too many let downs due to loop holes in the story plot. Mosagalluku Mosagadu doesn’t raise the bar any higher with its routine story-line either. The movie revolves around the events that occur when two sacred and precious idols are stolen. Krishh (Sudheer Babu) is a con man who lives by cheating others. So, very conveniently, Krishh is assigned by a few “mosagallu” to steal the idols but, eventually, Krishh turns into a “mosagadu” and runs away with the idols. There you have it—the movie title! The rest of the movie runs around why Krishh does what he does which reveals Krishh either as the good guy or the bad guy.

Things to look out for:

1. Sudheer Babu does not only have a makeover but he is back with a bang with improved acting skills and opposite him Nandini Rai plays her part as a heroine quite casually. Sudheer Babu’s acting has carried the movie quite swiftly but all the other actors in the movie could have delivered better performances.

2. The humor created by Jaya Prakash Reddy, Duvvasi Mohan and Fish Venkat keeps the audience interested throughout the movie and strikes the right balance against overly done humor. The second-half of the movie turned out to be a lot better than the first one with a comical ending with the entry of Saptagiri.

Things you might not like:

Sudheer and Nandini in Mosagallaku Mosagadu
Sudheer Babu and Nandini Rai in Mosagallaku Mosagadu

1. To put it blunty, the movie doesn’t kick start until the second-half. The first-half of the movie tends to drag on with a chunk of romance and humor.

2. You already know what’s coming. The movie has turns in the plotline that are very predictable and, even though a sequel, does not match the depth of the movie Swamy Ra Ra.

3. Certain characters aren’t highlighted well, no matter how small their role is. This leads to the questioning of their importance in the movie such as the cop who put a gorged performance.

4. The songs, at certain intervals, seem irrelevant and only further drag the movie.

However, Nellore Bose’s direction was average and we can see the forced effort to make the movie a hit. The director fails in the first-half of the movie but covers it up by making the audience laugh after the interval. This puts the movie in a better spotlight because the audience are, in the end, happy to walk out of the movie.

If you have nothing else to do this weekend and would love a couple of gags, MosagallakuMosagadu is a movie you can resort to.

Mosagallaku Mosagadu will leave you exhausted but delighted at the end.

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