More Troubles For Duniya Vijay!

Going by the latest sources in the Kannada film industry, we have come to know that the actor Duniya Vijay has fallen into trouble once again. Vijay’s daughter Monika who is aged 19 has filed a case against him and his friends who attacked her on Monday night at 10:30 pm when she had been to her home to bring her clothes, driving license and other documents.

Vijay Duniya Daughter
Vijay Duniya Daughter

She revealed that her father Vijay, his friend and driver attacked her unnecessarily. She also alleged that her father abused her along with friends Krithi Gowda and Hemanth. S I Kotresh has registered the case on the same and has revealed the information to the media. He also said that he has registered the case against Vijay and his friends under certain sections.

Vijay’s first wife Nagaratna’s daughter is Monika and she recently parted ways with father. She claims that she parted ways with her father because he forced her to be a witness in a case which is in favorable of him. When Monika declined his request, Vijay has become angry and started argument with her. As a result, she left the house and Vijay has a completely different version to reveal the same.

Vijay was arrested recently for attacking a Gym trainer and he was sent to the jail but he was out on bail very soon. In the past as well, Vijay was been to jail in multiple cases and we have to see how is this going to affect his life now.

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