Mollywood turns Political!

Mollywood stars have started sounding their political opinions and affiliations in recent days in the light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. With actor Innocent declaring his candidacy for the CPM in Chalakkudy for a seat and rumors about others joining in flying around, stars have come forward to make their voice heard.

Mollywood political - Kalpana

Actress Kalpana who has played many roles with Inncoent as his spouse in comedic and family movies, has announced that she supports the candidate for the AAP party running opposite Innocent in the elections – Noorruddin. Not only has the veteran actress said so in words but she is actively joining rallies and speaking at campaign events explaining why she supports the sentiments of the AAP on humanitarian grounds. She is only one of the few to join in the AAP fever sweeping the state. Her movie career, however, stays on track as she is playing Suresh Gopi’s wife in the movie The Dolphins which is still in the making.

Mollywood political - Innocent

Actor Biju Menon, on the other hand, prefers art to reality, and has been reported to play a politician for the LFP party in an upcoming unnamed movie. The actor said he has decided not to play any more police roles and is growing his hair and beard in an effort not to be offered such parts.

It will be interesting to see how the political landscape of the state changes after the elections now that the stars have joined in the mainstream of all things ‘real’.

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