Mollywood loses Rs 150 crores!!

The Malayalam cinema industry’s financial crisis continues is still in top gear, and shows no sign of slowing down!


In the past six months, the number of movies released in Mollywood was 76. Now that’s an impressive number for such a small regional industry, and this year showed a lot of promise with many movies being declared successes.

At least, that’s how it looks to the average viewer who might ask, “Where’s the crisis then?”

Many movies like the blockbusters Drishyam and Bangalore Days and countless other hits like How Old Are You, 1983, Om Shanthi Oshana, Ringmaster and 7th Day give off the impression that Malayalam industry’s finances have nothing to fear.

But what has to be kept in mind is that these are but a very few out of the whole. In fact, out of 76, only a handful made profits for its producers, and this is indeed a big cause for worry. The total loss suffered can be rounded up to almost Rs 150 crores!!

Even many superstar flicks went down the drain in terms of box office collections, or didn’t make quite the impact that was hoped of them. The Aashiq Abu, Mammootty starrer Gangster comes to mind first and so does the Mohanlal starrer and child of controversy – Mr Fraud, which fizzled at the cinemas.

Though the new generation wave of Mollywood has brought with it a trend of new faces entering the field these days, many failed to make a mark in the biz, mainly due to the bigger star flicks overshadowing them.

And the constant bickering and out and out feuds between the various organizations in the industry aren’t helping matters any.

If this trend continues, the loss suffered financially at the one year mark when 2014 winds to a less than satisfying conclusion, might be staggering!

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