Mollywood Fans Excited about April 11th!

april 11 - gangster
April 11th is set out to be a big day for Mollywood fans with the release of three major motion pictures. That’s right the much hyped and much awaited Mammootty starrer Gangster will have a worldwide release that day and so will the eagerly anticipated Prithviraj starrer 7th Day. Last but not the least the day also marks the release of the Kunchako Boban and Bhavana comedy flick Polytechnic.

Mammotty usually has a good box office record in the Gulf-Middle Eastern countries too and the fans are excited about the stylish, big budget movie Gangster in which Mammootty plays Akbar Ali Khan – the badass gangster.

april 11 - '7th Day'

Prithviraj’s new crime thriller which already caught the eye of the fans with his cool, mature look of an older cop named David Abraham and was in the news recently because of the firing of Ajmal Ameer from the project will also bring fans to the theatre.

april 11 - polytechnic

The main concern among the producers given the big budgets and the international release, remains that of piracy. Let’s hope the movies are seen on the big screen the way they were meant to be seen and brings in the big bucks for the ambitious producers.

The day therefore officially becomes the one for this year’s Vishu releases and makes it a happy Vishu for Mallus everywhere!

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