Mollywood Crisis! No New Releases from May 8?

The Film Employees Federation of Kerala or FEFKA has decided to ban the release of any new movies in Malayalam from May 8th onwards – until Mohanlal starrer Mr. Fraud is released by lifting the ban on it imposed by the Film Exhibit Federation! It is of course no coincidence that the General Secretary of FEFKA is B. Unnikrishnan, the director of Mr. Fraud!


He seems to be on a quest to make the FEF which consists of theatre owners answerable to banning him personally and thereby affecting the release of his movie. But does it need to be done by banning all new releases, especially given that May has at least over a dozen movies waiting to come out?

According to recent reports the matter had been resolved regarding Mr. Fraud’s release and the movie was to come out on May 16th. Now, it looks like there may be trouble on the horizon indeed, unless this is the simply the rumour mill working overtime. Let’s hope so.

There have been memorable and tiring cases in the past of the war between the organizations within Mollywood – AMMA, FEFKA and now FEF.

Liberty Basheer, a prominent producer has called B Unnikrishnan ‘arrogant’, based on his actions. Unnikrishnan’s feud with late actor Thilakan which fed the news cycle for quite a while a few years ago is still fresh in Malayalam movie fans’ memories.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the reports are true, and what does it mean for Mollywood if it is…

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