Mokshagna’s Debut with ‘Aditya 999’

Here is the news about Mokshagna, the heir of Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Mokshagna Film Entry
Mokshagna Film Entry

Balakrishna is currently waiting for the release of his 99th movie ‘Dictator’. Even though there is enough hype about this film, hardcore fans of Balayya have already started discussions about his 100th film to be directed by Boyapati Sreenu. Balayya’s much talked about ‘Aditya 999’, a sequel to the path breaking ‘Aditya 369’, is also under discussion for a long time.

It is heard that story for ‘Adiyya 999’ is already prepared and Balayya will be making the film after his 100th film. Mokshagna, whose debut has been awaited by Nandamuri fans, will also be playing the crucial role of a prince in the film. Prior to his debut as lead actor, Balayya wants Mokshagna to get rid of camera fear hence decided to cast him in ‘Aditya 999’.

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