Mohanlal’s Support for Innocent Gets Him in Trouble!

Mohanlal and Mammotty recently came out in support of actor Innocent, who is a candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from the Chalakkudy constituency. Innocent is the current President of AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists).


While Lal did not openly ask the voters to vote for Inncocent, he did say that Innocent’s position in AMMA has shown that he can handle his responsibilities well and can pass over any hurdle. This is what has got the opposition moving, as they have been trying to ban even Innocent’s movies and posters from displaying till the elections, claiming it as a counter measure to the actor’s popularity and possible undue influence over voters.

Mohanlal was awarded the title of Lt. Colonel in the territorial army following his work on military based movies like ‘Keerthichakra’, ‘Kandahar’ and ‘Kurukshethra’. This, the oppositions says, means that Mohanlal, being a highly ranked Government personnel, should not have openly supported a candidate for the election.

Mohanlal hasn’t responded to the accusation yet and the fans are waiting to see if he will.

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