Mohanlal’s ‘Peruchazhi’ Look Revealed!

Mohanlal’s look in his upcoming movie ‘Peruchazhi’ was revealed yesterday for all the adoring fans to see. The movie revolves around two politicians played by Lal and Mukesh who seem hell bent on taking the other down by playing dirty games.


The movie, however, is set against the backdrop of American politics and was shot almost completely in the States. When, Lal’s character is sent to the U.S. to help a Governor’s candidate win the elections, hilarity ensues as he is ignorant in the English language and Mukesh’s character’s troubling intrusions lands him in much hot water abroad.


The ‘don’t speak good English’ comedy brand seems to be a running theme these days as Mammootty’s next movie ‘Manglish’ also deals in the same comedic fodder. This particular movie, however, seems to remind us more of Mohanlal’s classic flick of a bygone era – ‘Akkare Akkare Akkare.’

Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu are producing the film while Ajayan Venugopal wrote the script, which has been directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. James Vasanth who composed the melodies to hit Tamil movie ‘Subrahmaniapuram’ has done the tunes to this motion picture.


The rest of the cast includes Baburaj, Aju Varghese and others.

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