Is Mohanlal really the Complete Actor?

Superstar Mohanlal or as the fans refer to him – Lalettan – is known for many things as an actor, like his effortless charm, precise comedic timing, stylish action sequences, natural dancing ability, the power packed dialogue delivery and so on and so forth.


So it is no surprise that he would be known as one of the most gifted actors ever in Indian cinema, but is he really deserving of the title The Complete Actor?

Well, let us see what some of the most revered names in the industry have to say about the pride of Mollywood – our very own Mohanlal.

1. Amitabh Bachchan on Mohanlal!

In a candid interview to a Malayalam television channel once, the Big B of Bollywood himself spoke about the actor that is Mohanlal. See what the legendary actor had to say about the Universal Star..

Now that’s what’s called a compliment from a worthy source..

2. Suriya’s thoughts on Lalettan?

Where in the south does Suriya not have fans these days? The Kollywood actor is shining brighter than ever and his popularity as a mass hero along with his talent for versatility has earned him a good spot in the hearts of the fans. Now, with his mega flick Anjaan, directed by N Lingusamy, creating waves and coming out this August 15th, Suriya would be an apt person to comment on Lalettan. Well, what do you think he feels about the Malayalam superstar?

Again, high praise indeed and couple this with the fact that Suriya, while on his Anjaan promo tour in Kerala, said that he would love to act with Mohanlal.. do we have a dream flick starring the two on our hands folks?

3. Kamal Haasan thinks Mohanlal is..

Mohanlal maybe called the Universal Star by his devoted fans, but there is only one Ulaga Nayagan – Kamal Haasan. It was during an event promoting the hit Kollywood movie Unnai Pol Uruvan, which starred the both of them, that Kamal spoke to the fans and media present about what he thought of the star..

Mohanlal seems to be scoring one goal after another, doesn’t he… hats off sir!

4. What does Vidya have to say then?

Vidya Balan has sure earned her stripes as a popular as well as critically acclaimed actress in the Indian cinema industry and in an interview, while chancing upon the topic of what acting is to her and what her methods are, she too had something to add about her own experience with our amazing Lalettan..

So that adds humility before the craft of cinema too to the list – the superstar has a lot of fans among his peers too it seems!

5. Priyadarshan knows what Mani Ratnam thinks of Mohanlal!

To be frank folks, the list goes on but let us end on a high note and with two for the price of one… We heard from his fellow actors, now let us hear what an iconic director has to say about the actor in the spotlight here. But wait, there is a surprise – he knows what another legendary filmmaker’s opinion on the topic is too…

Whoa! Now that sums it up right there.. Tallying up the points so far, and also counting the similar views of many, many people in the industry – what do we think? Is Mohanlal truly the Complete Actor?

Well, we can’t do everything for you now, can we… You be the judge!

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