Mohanlal pays Mammootty an Eid visit!

All over the world, people celebrated the holy day of Eid yesterday and tinsel town too saw the stars wish those of the faith and the world their hearty ‘Eid Mubaraks’. The social media, like on many other festive occasions, became one of the primary platforms for wishes and prayers.


Many in Mollywood posted special pics of themselves related to the jubilant mood of the day, but apparently, one of the icons of the industry felt a more personal touch was required here.

Who are we referring to here? None other than the Universal Star Mohanlal!

One of the Big Ms of Malayalam cinema thought it fit to pay a surprise visit to the house of the other superstar, to spread the joy, so to speak.

Yes, that’s right folks – Mohanlal visited Megastar Mammootty’s house yesterday to wish him and his family, which of course includes Dulquer Salman, a very happy Eid Ul Fitr.

Both the star posted photos of them together on their respective social media pages.

The fans were of course delighted and most of them expressed their joy at seeing their idols together on such a day, and also commented with enthusiasm and admiration for the very obvious friendship the two iconic actors share.

Who says two legends who enjoy a healthy professional competition at the box office cannot have a meaningful and real relationship in their personal lives. In fact, Lalettan and Mammukka have been good friends for decades now, ever since they both began their careers in the late seventies and early eighties.

They have acted in around 54 movies together as well.

So it is tragic that the fans of the two actors sometimes can’t get along and engage in petty rivalries that at times have even escalated to spite fuelled attacks against each other – often through the social media.

It was to take a stand against this that both Mohanlal and Mammootty decided to start a common Facebook page which gives the both of them equal prominence, in the hopes of sending the right message to their respective fan communities.

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