Mohanlal to be in a Hollywood film?!

Whoa! Reports are rolling in that Mollywood’s own beloved Lalettan aka the Universal Star Mohanlal has signed on for a Hollywood film!!


Yes fans, the movie is called Billion Dollar Raja, and it will be directed by Nayan Padrai.

Apparently, from what we know so far, the film is a biopic about Raja Rajaratnam, a Srilankan business tycoon who made billions in the stock market, but was later found guilty of fraudulent practices – specifically ‘insider trading’, which is dealing in stocks or shares based on information obtained through unethical means.

Rajaratnam is currently serving his sentence in the United States.

The motion picture, which is in the works right now, is set to be shot in the US, London and Africa.

Nayan Padrai, who is an Indian born American citizen, is an actor, screen writer, producer and director. He directed the film When Harry Tries to Marry in 2011. The flick, which was a comedy was released theatrically in the US, and went on to receive many laurels at American and International film festivals.

Interestingly, Nayan also produced the sound track of the film.

Mohanlal, of course is a multiple national winner and decorated actor with numerous honors bestowed upon him but this will be his first venture in Hollywood.

Well, what else is there to say except as soon as there is a formal announcement, all Mohanlal fans can rejoice that Malayalam’s.. nay, Indian’s own complete actor will be entertaining a worldwide audience!

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