Mohanlal in Brazil for the finals!

Mohanlal had long before announced that he planned to travel to Brazil this year to watch the FIFA World Cup finals in person and that he would be accompanied by his wife and some friends.


Well, a man of his word, Lalettan set off from the Kochi International Airport yesterday to make his dream come true, but sadly his wife Suchithra was not seen with him. But nevertheless, the jubilant superstar posted a pic of him on his way to check-in on his Facebook page and added the words:

All roads leading to Brazil…Off to Brazil to witness FIFA World Cup Finals. Taking off from Cochin International Airport.

Mohanlal is a devoted sports enthusiast and an amateur sportsman himself. He is after all, the captain of the Kerala team in the Celebrity Cricket League, and often quoted as an inspiration by many of the younger stars in that regard.

But like everything else, what the universal star chooses to do, he excels in, and maybe that’s why he decided to expand his athletic areas of expertise into volleyball and football too. He has played and won matches for the 122 Territorial Army Volleyball team and played in charity soccer matches in certain events.

It is a known fact that the legendary actor was also an amateur wrestler in his high school days and had won laurels for his physical prowess. This skill set came in handy, one supposes, as he is also known for his effortless and captivating action style in fight sequences. Even stunt choreographers have been stunned by the star’s sheer endurance and abilities.

In any case, we hope the actor represents Mollywood well in Brazil and has fun, though unfortunately the country’s in a frustrated frenzy now after yesterday’s debacle against Germany.

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