Mohanlal to act with Prithviraj!

Yes folks, it’s really happening! Mohanlal and Prithviraj are sharing screen space in Major Ravi’s new film, Picket 43!


As all fans know, Major Ravi hasn’t made too many movies yet and almost all of them starred Mohanlal – in one way or the other. It was a big surprise to many to learn that his latest venture wouldn’t have the presence of Lt. Col. Mohanlal and now, those fires have been put out with this breaking news!

Mohanlal is to do a cameo appearance in the Prithviraj starrer, which would last about 20 minutes, though we do not know in what capacity (not a villainous one we hope).

The movie, of course, as with all of the ex soldier turned film maker’s flicks, is a war movie which focuses on the real lives and struggles of our men in the armed forces. But this one has a twist – instead of a rivalry or patriotism fuelled hatred, the plot revolves around an unlikely friendship!

That too between Indian soldier and a Pakistani soldier! Now there’s a ‘twist’ for you…

Prithviraj’s character, a soldier with the Indian army, is abandoned due to certain circumstances with just a dog as his companion when he chances upon a Pakistani soldier in the same situation. Then events unfurl which develop into a strong narrative and fosters a camaraderie between the two.

Most of the film was shot in areas of Rajasthan which was modelled to look like Pakistan for the scenes due to logistical reasons, earning it the nickname ‘mini Pakistan’.

Let’s hope sparks of talent fly and the fans get their much awaited moments of celebration when the two leading men – the young superstar and the universal star – the rising young man and the industry legend – come together onscreen for those few minutes.

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