Mohan Babu’s Shocking Comments on Politicians

Senior actor cum politician Mohan Babu has made some sensational comments on the politics. He participated in South Conclave that is happening in Hyderabad. There was a session under the name “Father to Daughter: DNA of Acting” and Lakshmi Manchu participated in the same with Mohan Babu. During his speech, Mohan Babu revealed that the politicians are cheaters and they will never fulfill the promises made to the common men.

Mohan Babu Comments on Politicians
Mohan Babu Comments on Politicians

“SR NTR who is like a brother to me has never thought of accepting a bribe, and he sent me to Rajyasabha. I completed my responsibilities with honesty. 95 Percent of the politicians are rascals, and they don’t fulfill the promises made to the people. If they do their duty well, India would have been in a better position.” said Mohan Babu.

Lakshmi Manchu also made a good speech at the event. “My father wanted to be a kingmaker, and he achieved the same. He campaigned for a lot of film stars who entered the politics. He is always the best and opens up about several issues without any inhibitions.” said Lakshmi Manchu.

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