Mohan Babu threw Swachh Bharat challenge to Rajinikanth


Dialogues King Mohan Babu recently completed his challenge of Swachh Bharat. After completion, he nominated South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, Vishnu, Manoj, Lakshmi for this challenge. Nominating Rajinikanth is a tough concept as this hero is a top actor and only an actor of that level can nominate him.

Taking the opportunity, Mohan Babu, as a good friend to Rajinikanth, nominated him for the challenge. Adding to this, Mohan Babu went for a clean sweep by nominating people belonging to different domains. In film industry, he nominated his family members and close friends.

In politics side, Mohan Babu nominated Teegala Krishna Reddy who is serving as an MLA. In Cricket, Mohan Babu nominated Venkatapathi Raju. Mohan Babu strategically covered all the three top areas which are quite popular in India.

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