Mohan Babu says Thanks, to Malaysian government

Manchu Mohan Babu has proved his sweet heart yet again by acknowledging the help done by Malaysian government regarding Manchu Vishnu.

Mohan Babu says Thanks
Mohan Babu says Thanks

Vishnu, Brahmanandam and the entire team of Achari America Yatra are in Malaysia to shoot some action sequences. The other day, Manchu Vishnu got severely injured in a bike chase. He has immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. Immediately the Malaysian government responded and took great care of Vishnu. His father Mohan Babu took his Twitter to convey his vote of thanks to Malaysian Deputy Minister S K Devamany for his kind help. It is because of Devamany’s orders; the Malaysian government officials took Vishnu to the hospital in time.

With Vishnu’s accident, the shooting has been postponed for a couple of weeks. Vishnu is doing fine, and he escaped the danger with some minor injuries to his body.

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