Mohan Babu openly made comments about Prabhas and his marriage

Baahubali: The Conclusion is turning out to be a huge blockbuster has ever witnessed. As the movie became a game changer in the Indian Cinema, several celebrities are appreciating the film through social media.

mohan babu and prabhas
mohan babu and prabhas

Veteran actor Mohan Babu appreciated the whole team of Baahubali. He mentioned each and every crucial team member like producers Shobu Yaragadda, Prasad Devineni..Rana Daggubati.. MM Keeravani.. Prabhas.. Rajamouli.. Vijayendra Prasad. Among all the appreciations, his tweet on Prabahs is worth mentioning.

‘Bava Baahubali (Mohan Babu calls Prabhas as ‘Bava’) Rajus(Kings) used to rule kingdoms in the earlier.. My dear Bava proved now that Rajus are ruling the world now .. My joy knows no bounds. I believe that wherever your father is, you will have his blessings. I believe that you mother will feel proud of her kid’s success.. I hope that you will get married at least this year so that yous mother’s wish and this Bava’s wish will be fulfilled. May success bestow upon you”.

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