Mohan Babu makes sensational comments on film industry

Mohan Babu, who is fondly called as Collection King, celebrated his 66th birthday yesterday. It is already a known fact that Mohan Babu is a open kind of person and he speaks without any hesitation. He always makes headlines for his open statements and now he has been in the news for making controversial statements.

Mohan Babu Comments
Mohan Babu Comments

In a recent media interaction, Mohan Babu revealed his long term desire. Mohan Babu said that even though he acted in in more than 500 films and made 60 films his dream is to direct a film. He further added that due to his fear he is not able to achieve his dream.

Mohan Babu said that he always wishes to work with punctuality people and he can’t bare the actors, who are not punctual to the sets and even expressed his anger that he could even slap for sure.

This even creates a bad impact on him and this will surely create a black mark on him. Because of this fear, he is not able to achieve his dream. Mohan Babu said that the film industry has at least 4 careless people among 10 members.

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