Mogudu Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
A film that stays true to the stupidity it had put out through its promotion.

Bujji’s (Gopi Chand) got a big family. The family structure is like any other film of the director. There are few traditional looking women, one or few women in jeans, kids around the house (a big house), affectionate maids; ever smiling in-laws and the one they are always bothered about – the hero, usually the only one who’s not married, yet. And his marriage is the only thing that really matters in their otherwise detail deficient lives.

Raja Rajeshwari’s aka Raja (Tapsee) got a big family too. And like the rest of the director’s films, the girl’s family has a few short tempered characters. Bujji and Raja fall in love and get married. But, soon after there is a little misunderstanding about one of the traditions and a gala slapping session kicks off. Almost all the major characters get slapped by other major characters and the marriage breaks off. INTERVAL.

The second half only gets worse with a series of highly uninteresting and in your face crassness which finally end with the couple getting back together after another slapping session in the end.

Why is this hard to sit through?
One of my main reasons for suffering through this film is the excessive sense of empathy I’ve had for the cast and crew while watching the film. How could they?

What could have happened?
Someone who had the ability to make films like Antahpuram and Sinduram to end up making films like this is hard to digest. You can always fail at the box office, but, to lose your basic sensibilities is rather strange. With the very few decent directors we have, to lose someone like Krishna Vamsi is a bad happening.

Like I said, all the actors have my condolences.

Gopi Chand had to get into a skin he’s not familiar with and the film’s shot, processed and released before he could do that.

This is a Krishna Vamsi film and the popular habit being the non-Telugu female lead dubbing for herself. And like a few before her, Tapsee looks all the more uncomfortable and idiotic.

Rajendra Prasad and Naresh are the only two who’ve managed to keep their end respectable.

After the posters, the trailers and the director’s previous film (Mahatma) you should be really bored in life to give this a shot.

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