Model with biggest breasts fights for life

A Brazilian model, who has the largest breasts in the world, is now fighting for her life.

After more than 30 plastic surgeries, Sheyla Hershey suffered her first complication following her most recent breast augmentation procedure in June. A severe staph infection reached both of Hershey’s breasts and doctors recently took her into surgery to remove the implants, and possibly her own breasts.

Hershey says that her surgeon is concerned that the infection could leak into her bloodstream, which could also threaten her life. In May 2008, after 8 operations, Hershey had a recorded breast size of 34FFF. By the end of January 2009, after having another operation in her native Brazil, she was reported to be a size 38KKK.

Hershey travelled to her native Brazil to have her latest operation after US doctors refused to boost the size of her bust. Under US law it is illegal for cosmetic surgeons to place more than a gallon of silicone in implants. (Agencies)

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