Model Priyanka Kapoor Committed Suicide

Delhi based model Priyanka Kapoor has committed suicide the other day.

In her suicide letter, Priyanka claimed that her husband used to beat her every now and then for silly reasons. She added that her husband used to put restrictions on her freedom and forced her to get out of their house. Dejected, she chose to get out of this world.

Delhi Model Priyanka Commits Suicide
Delhi Model Priyanka Commits Suicide

Following her suicide note, police have arrested Priyanka’s husband Nithin Chawla, a businessman. It is found out that differences cropped up soon after the love marriage of Nithin and Priyanka as she has the habit of going to pubs and bars which wasn’t liked by Nithin.

This issue used to create rifts between the two and led the model to take the final step of committing suicide.

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