MMS of Bollywood star kids hulchul in internet

SRK Son Arya MMS Video Leaked

A s*x scandal got busted in India. This video has a pair of youngsters romancing one another and this MMS is now creeping throughout the internet. Interestingly, the youngsters who are being seen in the video are looking like the kids of Bollywood stars.

A media house mentioned in the video that the male person is looking like Aryan, who is son of Sharukh Khan while the female person is stated to be Navya, grand daughter of Amithab Bachchan. Few spectators agreed with this statement of the media channel while few audience expressed their doubt whether it is really the star kids or some morphing video.

The Bollywood big shots have to speak on this to the media. If it turns true, it will be a sensation all over the nation. Lets hope that it is not Aryan and Navya. Sharukh and Amithab may give their statement to the media soon on this aspect.

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