MM Keeravani calls TFI directors brainless

The eminent music composer MM Keeravani announced his retirement two years ago, and he said that he wouldn’t be composing music after Rajamouli’s Baahubali. However, on the eve of Baahubali 2 pre-release event, Keeravani took to Twitter to thank, share and strike at those who have been traveling with him all these years.

MM Keeravani Calls Telugu Directors Brainless
MM Keeravani Calls Telugu Directors Brainless

In a series of tweets, MM Keeravani also launched an astonishing attack on Telugu filmmakers by called them ‘brainless’. ‘I worked mostly with brainless directors. They won’t listen to my words,’ he posted while sharing his work experience over the years.

In next series of tweets, he added – “The reason for my best music for SSR. He listens. Directors think that I am just a musician. They won’t pay attention for good advice. I predicted many flops of mine while story narration itself. But the directors are deaf. Deafness for good tunes may not harm. But deafness for a good advice is harmful for the director, the film and for myself. If at all I continue working as per my well wishers wish, I don’t want to work with deaf and dumb directors.”

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