MLA’s followers attacked Brahmaji’s son near Shamshabad

Brahmaji Son Attacked

MLA Prakash Goud’s followers were stated to have attacked Brahmaji’s son Sanjay near Shamshabad. As per this story, Sanjay was going to airport to pick his mom and dad. It seems that he was waiting near the toll gate to pay the fee. Meanwhile, a car started honking from behind.

Feeling frustrated by the repeated honking, Sanjay came out of his car and asked them to stop honking. It seems that the gunman and few other followers of Prakash Goud started abusing him and it turned into a war between the two parties. Prakash Goud is stated to be in car when this incident took place.

On this, Sanjay gave a written complaint on Prakash Goud’s followers in a Police Station in Hyderabad. It is currently under discussion and stay tuned to know the further consequences in this case.

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