Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?

Mithrudu is a film about the aspirations of a young girl and how she goes about achieving them. Balakrishna plays a lonely guy who is aloof all the time and has no worldly desires, but all this changes once the heroine enters his life. Why the heroine enters his life forcibly and how the hero tackles the subsequent developments and saves the heroine and her family is the story.


The plot:

Priyamani is a beautiful girl who is doing her MBA in Malaysia. She is the daughter of a rich industrialist, Ranganath. A wicked politician, Pradeep Rawat wants Rangnath to giver the hand of his daughter in marriage to his son but he refuses saying the he is a loafer. As a result, Rawat bears a grudge against Ranganath and waits for an opportunity to take revenge.


Priyamani is a friend of Deepak. He is seen as all the time trying to help the orphans and homeless. Priyamani’s friendship slowly turns into love as Deepak is seen trying to help the underprivileged despite himself being a handicapped person. But there is a catch. Priyamani learns that due to a flaw in her horoscope, the guy she marries will die in 30 days of the marriage.


So Priyamani hits upon a plan. She runs after a lonely guy in Malayasia, Balakrishna and finally manages to trap him into marrying her. Priyamani thinks that after he dies, she can marry her lover Deepak and live happily ever after.


Priyamani is elated as she succeeds in her plan. But is Balakrishna really as innocent as Priyamani thinks. Has he fallen in her trap blindly or is he on a bigger mission? Answers to all this and much more can be found on the screen.


The actors:

The film runs for most part on Balakrishna followed by Priyamani. Director Mahadev tries to give an image makeover for Balakrishna. He is very different from what he has portrayed so far. Balakrishna looks young and handsome but in the close up shots, he gives himself away. Still, for Balakrishna fans it is still a good film. Balakrishna also does a good job in the fighting scenes.


Priyamani is vivacious and bubbly. She carries her role with the right spirit. She does a fairly good job in the glamour department as well as the acting department.


Deepak plays the physically challenged friend of Priyamani and he fits the bill perfectly. We may see more of Deepak after this film.


Ranganath, Chandramohan, Pradeep Rawat play largely guest roles. Brahmanandam and Raghubabu evoke some laughter with their comedy. For a change, Krishna Bhagawan plays a slightly different but positive role.


Mani Sarma’s musical scores are okay. The music does not submerge the lyrics and it is welcome. The negative aspects are the weak story and screenplay. The sloppy editing also affects the pace as well as mood of the film.


The bottom line:

Mahadev makes a promising start and everyone is excited. The first 15 minutes raise our expectations considerably but the director fails to keep up the tempo. While the first half is quite entertaining, the second half is heavy with an unimpressive family drama and loud sentiment.


Mithrudu ends up as an average entertainer and may disappoint even the die hard Balayya fans.

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