Mirapakaya movie review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

It is
Brand Ravi Teja.


The film’s got a bit of similarity with Farah Khan’s ‘Main Hoon Na’. Rishi (Ravi Teja) is an officer of Telugu estyle Intelligence Bureau, New Delhi. An orphan brought up by his higher up (Naga Babu), Rishi gets sent to Hyderabad undercover as a professor to a college in which a major don’s (Praksah Raj) daughter is to join.


Rishi is excited about his new assignment as he gets to experience the college life he never got to go and falls in love with a student there (Richa G playing Vinamra). Rishi tries to quench his unusual girl friend fantasies with Vinamra and in a moment of ‘Telugu righteous’ fury makes the wrong move that complicates his assignment.


What’s good?
The biggest cliché of Ravi Teja’s films – him stealing the show.


The humor was good in parts and does have the genuine moments that don’t forcibly rub the joke into you.


The last 30 odd minutes forgotten, it’s a pretty tight film.


What’s boring?
The writing had become over dependent on Ravi Teja’s popular humor pattern and goes wry every now and then.


Bad music, awful lyrics and formula song visuals were most definitely the biggest drawback.


The director was only too conscious of making a purely masala film and didn’t want to suffer another commercial failure.


Enough said about Ravi Teja already.


The rest were happy with their desk jobs. The girls had nothing on paper which asked them to act, Kota was the local anna, Prakash Raj was the suit wearing Bangkok don, Brahmaji – the faithful sidekick and the real actors remain comedians, so, all in all it’s a happy place that pays well.


This segment of the review should be renamed ‘The Hero’s performance’, that’s all ‘the we’ care about anyways.


A middle aged married man was once talking to me about ‘Anjaneyulu’ and I tried my best to keep him away from the film and then he says “Ravi Teja’s film has a minimum guarantee, there’ll be jokes, there are fun songs and there’s Ravi Teja. So it’s a safe bet for a movie outing with the wife”.


A minimum guarantee.

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