Ministers warn T-JAC it can attack TRS too

Congress ministers and MLAs from Telangana region have now started openly defending their decision not to resign and criticised the TRS leadership and the T-JAC convenor, Prof. Kodandaram for their comments. They even threatened them of retaliation by Congress workers.

The PCC chief, Mr D. Srinivas, who met the members decided to isolate the TRS and strengthen the Congress in the region.
“There is no need to submit resignations afresh as the Srikrishna committee was constituted and it will look into the issue,” the Telangana Congress ministers said.

With regard to attacks on their houses they have said it was not proper for the TRS to ask its activists to attack their properties. “You being from Telangana want to attack your own fellow Telanganites. How is that proper? If Congressmen retaliate, you will have to bear the brunt,” Ms D.K. Aruna told Mr Chandrasekhar Rao.

They also said Prof. Kodandaram has no business to issue threats daily. “Who are you to dictate terms to ministers and MLAs? Don’t cross your limits,” Mr Komatireddy Venkatareddy said.(DC)

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