Minister Fires On Maharshi Ticket Prices

It is known that the movie ticket costs these days are reaching sky. On this note, Telangana government has took the increase in the movie ticket cost seriously. It is known that the theaters tried to increase the ticket cost of ‘Maharshi’ movie.

Maharshi Censor Report
Maharshi Censor Report

On this note, Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav has organised an emergency meeting with the officials. CS, Home Secretary, Law Secretary attended the meeting. They have discussed this issue seriously and Talasani confronted by asking how how they can increase the ticket costs without informing the government. The government is also in plans to file a petition in High Court about the the decision of theatre managements. But, the theatre managements are claiming that they have increased the ticket cost based on the orders released by High Court.

Coming to the ticket cost of ‘Maharshi’, in the single screen theatres the cost is Rs. 80 – 110 whereas it is Rs. 138 – 200 in multiplexes.

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