Minissha Lamba gets threat calls !

Actress Minissha Lamba is ‘flummoxed’ after getting threatening calls from unknown numbers, but says she would like to get to the bottom of the matter.

"It started on Saturday when I received the first spate of calls from an international number and an Indian number, which turned out to be from somewhere in or around Haryana. At first I answered the phone. The callers from both numbers say the same thing, ‘Don’t attend the event in New York.’," she said.

She was expected to attend an Indo-American cultural event in New York on August 25.

"I don’t scare easily. And I am certainly not scared. But I am curious and suspicious. Why would I be threatened against going to a cultural event in New York? I’ve to get to the bottom of this," she said.

Minissha is in her own words, flummoxed.

"If it was a political event or maybe a cultural event in a hostile country I’d understand. But why shouldn’t I attend an innocuous dinner event in New York meant to bring together NRIs and Indian personalities? It makes no sense," she said.

Minissha has passed on the two threatening numbers to her business managers. While the international one is impossible to call back on, the national one is far easier to locate.

"The voice on it is distinctly Haryanvi and very menacing. ‘Tu agle hafte American jaane ka soch rahi hai? Tu nahin jayegi,’ it says. Arrey baba kyon nahin jaaongi??? No answer."

The matter is not being reported to the cops.

The Indian number has been traced to the public phone booth in Haryana.

"Would you believe it, they’re absolutely blase about it. When my business managers threatened to report the matter to the senior cops in Haryana they said, ‘Do what you like’ and hung up."(IANS)

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