Mind blowing teaser on the way for Mahesh Babu fans

Murugadoss is planning a mind-blowing surprise for fans on Mahesh’s birthday. A sixty seconds teaser of the most awaited action thriller Spyder will be launched on August 9.


It will have 167 frames, two dialogues and a glimpse of one of the best scenes in the film, said sources.

A glimpse of Spyder that was unveiled on Krishna’s birthday has set the expectations soaring. It gave a clear idea of the look and feel of the film that is very different from the usual stuff.

Murugadoss and team are aware that the expectations will be very high on its upcoming promos.

So they are readying a teaser that would leave everyone awestruck and further heighten the hype around it.

It is extremely important for a high budget film to grab full attention of ticket paying public to ensure huge openings.

Of late, promos are playing a huge role in the film’s success as people are judging a film just by its teasers and trailers. Therefore, special care is being taken by the filmmakers to set the expectations high.

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