Mind blowing remuneration to TV artist

There is a trend in the film industry that hero gets high pay compared to heroine. Similarly, TV artists will get less pay compared to the heroines in the flick. Interestingly, this equation got completely shattered by Hollywood based TV artist Sophia.


This beauty crossed almost all the heroines in Hollywood in case of remuernation. As per the Forbes reports, Sofia crossed leading Hollywood stars in case of remuneration for 3 consecutive years. Sophia earned around 37 Million dollars this year and she stood on the top positions.

Hollywood actress Vuriska is on the second position with 13 Million dollars. When Hollywood heroines are impressing audience with glamour on big screen once in a while, Sofia entertained small screen audience with her glamour shows almost everyday. We can see relation between Sophia and Tollywood small screen anchors Reshmi and Anasuya! These anchors too were oozing glamour on small screen and are building craze in Tollywood. These anchors may be the future Sofias of Tollywood!

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